Meaningful prayers (salat) with words

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Meaningful prayers (salat) with wordsMeaningful prayers (salat) with wordsMeaningful prayers (salat) with wordsMeaningful prayers (salat) with wordsMeaningful prayers (salat) with words

Do you know what you are saying while standing in front of Allah in Salat (Salat) You can learn. And with this you will be able to understand what you are saying while standing in front of Allah and your attention will increase in prayer InshaAllah.

::::: It contains ::::::

p> 1. Meaning of Surah, Tasbeeh, Doar recited in Salat (prayer)

2. Surah Fatihah and the last 13 Surahs

3. Word-to-word translation, deep lexical analysis and tafsir Ahsanul Bayan

4. Time of Salat, Notification of Time and Qibla

5. Pinch zoom and change the font size to your liking

৬. Photo and text sharing facility

6. No ads!

. Widget facility for viewing prayer schedule

Allah says in Quran:

“And establish prayer in My remembrance” (20:14),

“Surely the successful believers are those who are humble in their prayers” (23: 1-2),

“... and establish the prayer. Surely prayer forbids indecency and evil, and the remembrance of Allah is the best of deeds ... ”(29:45)

Reading the above three verses we understand that prayer will remind us of Allah, Be humble and refrain from obscene and bad deeds. But what is the real picture? We stand in prayer and think about business, jobs, agriculture, family problems, various issues of daily life. How humble we are before God, the Almighty, the Most Honorable, the Most Dignified? After praying five times a day, millions of Muslims are engaging in obscenity and injustice in the eyes of Islam (such as usury, lying, blasphemy, backbiting, etc.). Why is this happening

Because we do not know what we read while standing in prayer, reciting the Qur'an, prostrating, bowing and sitting.

In this case, prayer is just a ritual that we do not understand. Is this a sample of an educated nation? It is important to know today what is being recited in the prayer.

There will be no shortage of swabs. " [Sahih Muslim: 28]

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Get to know Prayer times in bangla and the meanings of what you say in prayer (namaz, salat, salah)

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