Sensil-Fantasy Dress Up Battle-


Sensil-Fantasy Dress Up Battle-Sensil-Fantasy Dress Up Battle-Sensil-Fantasy Dress Up Battle-

The door to your dream opens ——

A new sense of fantasy dress-up battle game!

On the day of enrollment at SenSyria Gakuen aiming to become a fashion designer,

you find a puzzle piece you don't recognize in your bag.

The piece was a secret way to fulfill your dream of being a fashion designer ...!

Your mysterious journey is now underway to collect the secret methods.

What is Sensil? ◆

"Sirshi of sense" necessary to win the battle

Polish your senses and coordinate fashionably!

◆ Coordinates ◆

Enjoy your unique out of 1000 items!

Evolving items will make them even stronger and more beautiful!

Everyone can praise a wonderful outfit! ?

◆ Coord Battle ◆

Battle with unique rivals you meet along the way!

Collect various items and aim for a high score!

Characters you encounter can also be remembered as backgrounds!

◆ Story ◆

There are many countries in Peace World where you travel.

In meeting various people, you will know your destiny ...!

◆ Luxury voice actors ◆

Last voice actors are responsible for the character voice!

Toshiki Masuda, Yuichiro Umehara, Yoko Hikasa, Kayoko etc ....

● 。. ** ・ 。..。 ゚ * .。 ● 。. * ゚ ・ 。. 。 ゚ * .。 ● 。. *。 ・ * .。 ゚ .。 ●

◆ Recommended for such people ◆

・ I like dress up games

・ I like avatars

・ I'm interested in fashion

・ I like coordination

・ I like fashionable

・I like cute clothes

・ I like games with voice

・ I like ikemen

・ I want to battle with ikemen

・I want to escape the reality

・ I want to kill time

・ I want to enjoy the game casually

◆ Important ◆

When you download this app, be sure to check the information below.

Because communication with the server is always required during play,

enjoy in an environment where communication is possible.

Supports 3G / 4G (LTE), Wi-Fi communication.

◆ Price

App body: Free

* Some paid items are available.

◆ ◇.゜. ◇ ◆.゜. ◆ ◇.゜. ◇ ◆.゜. ◇ ◆

◆ Official site

◆ Official Twitter

https: // twitter. com / sensilcocone

◆ Official Twitter hashtag


◆ ◇.゜. ◇ ◆.゜. ◆ ◇.゜. ◇ ◆.゜. ◇ ◆

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