The Story of Three Kingdoms Lu Bu-Classic War Chess Strategy Game

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The Story of Three Kingdoms Lu Bu-Classic War Chess Strategy GameThe Story of Three Kingdoms Lu Bu-Classic War Chess Strategy GameThe Story of Three Kingdoms Lu Bu-Classic War Chess Strategy Game

Biography of Lu Guo of the Three Kingdoms "is a MOD war chess strategy game based on the Three Kingdoms. The plot is complete and fascinating. The gameplay is unique and challenging. The profession is rich, the arms are relatively good, and the battlefield is magnificent. In the game, you will play Lu Bu, the "Three Kingdoms Meng general", holding a Fangtian painting halberd, riding a red rabbit, striving for beauty, fighting for the world, the romance "the parachutist is born, competing for Luzhou, Xuzhou Fengyun, Hubu Jianghuai" and other familiar troubled times Situation! The storyline game currently launches the Overlord Line and the King Line, which are launched according to different plots chosen by the player, or for the Overlord Line to rely on the force to unify the world but the last betrayal, or to assist the Emperor at the end of the King Line to rebuild the Emperor but retire.

Game Features

 Diverse strategies for playing chess

Various user clearance methods. You can choose the story mode and challenge level mode. There are many cases of victory in the game. You can destroy the enemy, kill the general, escape to a certain place, occupy the city, and so on. Around these victory goals, users have a lot of gameplay combinations in the training of generals, cooperation and promotion of arms.

 Powerful strategy system

Combining the characteristics of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a lot of strategies and treasures are set in the game, such as fire attack and Fangtianhuaji, red rabbit horse, etc. Let players better understand the ancient Chinese culture, while also increasing the connotation and fun of the game.

 Diversity of endings

According to different choices of players or plots or battles, the levels entered in the later stages of the game and the final endings are different, making the game more durable and players can Play through multiple levels to different levels and endings.

The wonderful battle, the charm of strategy, and the twists and turns of the story are all reflected in the game.

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