Love God-Love at the Waterfront of Luoshui

By TurinGame

Love God-Love at the Waterfront of LuoshuiLove God-Love at the Waterfront of LuoshuiLove God-Love at the Waterfront of LuoshuiLove God-Love at the Waterfront of LuoshuiLove God-Love at the Waterfront of Luoshui

Piaoruo is shocked, Wanruo is a dragon. Honored Qiuju, Huamao Chunsong. It seems as if the moon is covered by light clouds, and the drifting wind is like snow from the wind ...

Fu Xi's daughter-in-law was imprisoned by the demon god Hebo, and she waited for thousands of years, and finally waited for the fate ...

[Game Features]

◆ Knighthood, romance 邂逅 ◆

Play for 10 minutes, you can start the search for love, one-click confession, let You take off easily. Mengbao grows up, sends flowers for the banquet, and writes together the love book that belongs only to each other.

◆ Hundred storey demon tower, mystery exploration ◆

24-hour unlimited boss refresh, more exclusive magical field challenge, hundred storey demon tower, let you feel the most hearty and thrilling Dabao Burst Fun!

◆ Live social interaction, warmth and interaction ◆

Instant voice messages help you meet friends in mountains and rivers! Zongmen gameplay, make friends with you, and challenge the strongest fairy palace!

◆ Variety dress, eye-catching ◆

Dressing system, all-round personalized customization ~ Fashion dyeing, colorful cape, multi-angle display of personal style ...

[Introduction to gameplay]

-Dating copy-

Men's and women's work, not tired. Challenge the level to get multiple rewards, and maybe meet the destined person!

-Nine Heavy Temple-

Large PK gameplay, exclusive titles are waiting for you! Who is the overlord on the top of Nine? Who is the King of the Temple?

-Beach Fireworks-

Unique leisure beach gameplay, answer questions to dig treasures, hang up a lottery, easily get massive benefits ~ You can also hold a swimsuit firework party!

-Spirit Mount-

Fantastic Mount, gorgeous wings, bring you an unparalleled visual feast! Powerful lucky attribute, the combat power soars immediately!

[Contact Us]

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