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Simply speaking, we all have what others have and we do n’t have others. We also have to say goodbye to Shuhuang and read novels. It ’s enough to download this app

⭐ completely free!

Solemnly promise no points forever, really free;

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All popular novels are exhausted in one go, updated in real time, and truly chase book artifacts;

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The classification is all-inclusive, including all the net texts; as follows!

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⭐ Boys

Fantasy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Xianxia, Metropolis, Workplace, History, Military, Games, Competitive, science fiction, supernatural, fanfiction, light novels

⭐ Girls

Ancient Romance, Modern Romance, Youth Campus, Pure Love, Fantasy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Swordsman, Science Fiction, Games Suspense, strangeness, fandom, female supremacy, Lily

Various subjects, all kinds of best-selling new works, great classics, long and short stories, everything.

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