Dolan Continent-Download and get VIP!

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Dolan Continent-Download and get VIP!Dolan Continent-Download and get VIP!Dolan Continent-Download and get VIP!Dolan Continent-Download and get VIP!Dolan Continent-Download and get VIP!

Doran Continent gathers magnificent and exquisite scenes, gorgeous special effects skills, and is committed to creating beautiful medieval atmosphere for you! More exciting partners, colorful wings, and growth artifacts will help your warrior's path! The battle for hegemony is fierce, the ever-changing fashion matches, and the massive BOSS is wanting to challenge! The wheel of fortune begins to turn, and the Dolan continent is already in danger. The fearless warrior is coming forward. It is time to polish the sharp blade in his hand and join hands to defend the temple of Dawn and start the way of the God of Weeping God!

English version, search for Land of Doran


[Game Features]

◆ Unparalleled in the heavens

The power of the powerful gods comes and transforms God is proud of the mainland, and the partners are extremely advanced, helping you to develop the king's path!

◆ Cool skill streamer special effects

Three professional images, scenes, monsters, bosses, pets, etc. in the game, the details are realistic and vivid, the effect is realistic . In the multiplayer PK copy, full screen big trick special effects, refreshing!

◆ Various styles sparkle personality

Symphony streamer wings, extreme cool professional suits, personalized and exquisite fashions, and various styles Mounts, unique partners who can transform the gods, can be matched freely!

◆ Free trading fun market

Massive bosses are challenged arbitrarily, the best equipment is dropped fairly, the equipment and equipment are freely traded, and the treasure is earned. Easy access to the market without threshold!

◆ People and monsters melee exciting PK

The rich PVP and PVE activities are endlessly fun, the peak competition of the heroes, the king league of thousands of leagues, The treasure chest full of wealth, the hunting of the alliance of brothers, waiting for you!

[Introduction to gameplay]

1. The three major occupations of Berserker, Magician, and Marksman have distinct personalities, and their skill sets are constantly changing. Each battlefield has its own legend.

2. The cross-service PK winner is king. In various cross-service battles, in the PK duel, you will also travel to the beginning of the heart, the gods fall to the earth, and transcend the holiness. p> 3. The awakening of the road of the gods, the king walks alone with a sword, fights for his homeland, transforms into a god, goes to the enemy, and soars the sky, you are the focus of everyone's attention

4. Challenge the powerful world boss , Can also single-handedly kill PVP anytime, anywhere. The state of ice and fire broke out, and the tide-like battle shook the whole continent!

[Contact us]

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