Dream of the New World

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Dream of the New WorldDream of the New WorldDream of the New WorldDream of the New WorldDream of the New World

5G full-view MMO mobile game masterpiece! Realize your childhood dreams and fly into the sky with the dinosaurs!

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"Dream New World" is a cross-era 5G full-view 3D MMORPG mobile game! Innovate and upgrade the classic round gameplay, and strive to break through the tradition to present more diversified fun. The overall picture is three-dimensional and vivid, combined with seven aerial world views of ancient civilizations, innovative combat modes and strategies, domineering dinosaurs and pets customized development, and new concept simulations. Real social interaction, creating your own homeland, endless exploration and other unique gameplay methods, satisfy all your fantasies and create new and infinite possibilities!

========Game Features========

[Dinosaurs fly away from the sky]

Thousands of pets, thousands of faces, cute, battleable and rideable!

Whether it is the fierce and mighty Aether Tyrannosaurus, or the cute and cute Lulu and Pippi, you can choose from all kinds of pets! Customize the size, dye, and cultivate DIY as you wish! Three pets and mounts of land, sea and air will accompany you to go to the world and the sea freely!

[The weather changes  Around the scene battle]

The battle is changing, and turning defeat into victory is not a dream!

The panoramic and realistic weather change system takes the strategic dimension of the game to a higher level! The 360-degree brilliant vision with zero dead ends will never miss every tense moment, bringing you an unprecedented refreshing combat experience!

[Family Hot Spring Social Carnival]

Hug, rub your back, and your heart will move for a moment!

Set up a small island with friends, breed and graze, grow vegetables and build a house. You can also steal vegetables from friends’ houses and interact with them, enjoy the leisurely homeland time, and enjoy the meteor shower together with friends in hot springs under the stars. , To fulfill all your wishes!

【Civilization Adventure   Fantasy Roaming】

Real day and night, 3D world wandering freely!

Composed of seven civilizations, a magnificent scenery full of adventures and surprises. Here you can enjoy the deep-sea Atlantic Empire, the hospitable Conch Bay Islands, the exotic Eldorado, and the companionship of nature Mahaya tribe and so on, let you freely explore every corner of the world!

【Extreme picture   stunning and beautiful】

Cross-era engine technology, perfectly presenting the world!

Using the next-generation UE4 engine, the ultra-high-definition dynamic particle skills, special effects, and the detailed performance of real light and shadow create realistic game scenes and characters. Every detail is amazing and will bring you nothing. The visual experience of the cold field!

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※Official website: https://dreams.rocketeer.com.tw

※Contact customer service: [email protected]

※The content of this game involves violence, love and friendship, and is classified as supplementary 15 levels according to the software classification management method.

※This game is a free game, but there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items in the game. Please make appropriate consumption according to personal interests and abilities.

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