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"Yu Ling E Scroll" is a Japanese super popular MMOARPG mobile game, super competitive gameplay, gorgeous Japanese style and style, hundreds of super popular voice actors and original Japanese fantasy stories. Players enjoy a feast of visual feast in the Japanese fantasy world at the same time. Due to the exciting and interesting gameplay, the exquisite graphics, and the strong lineup of voice actors, it was highly praised by players when it was launched in Japan. The game is based on an overhead fantasy background. It is said that when day and night meet, the moment of darkness at dusk is the moment when the two worlds of Yin and Yang overlap. The ghosts and ghosts and gods will enter the world, and the onmyojis who guard the capital will Use magic to defend against the invading monsters and guard the peace of the world!

[Game Features]

----Aesthetic and gentle style, seiyuu help out----

The unprecedented luxury of the top China and Japan The voice actor team assists in dubbing, ignites the blood in everyone's hearts, leads players into the world of Yin and Yang, and allows players to enjoy an unprecedented audiovisual feast! In addition to the lineup of luxurious voice actors, "Yu Ling Hui Hua" is full of sincerity in art, restoring the beauty of ancient Shao and Kyoto, enjoying the scenery of autumn and red maple, spring cherry and winter snow, and the scenery scroll of autumn and maple with fireworks, bringing gorgeous beauty The Japanese style journey.

----Who will compete for hegemony in the world ranking----

The peak arena, this time we will face many onmyojis from all over the world. Who can dominate the peak arena? In addition, the World Hegemony Tournament will also start. Onmyojis from all over the world will gather to fight for the world's number one title. Who will be the strongest onmyoji in Kyoto?

----style God listens to the order and seals the hundred demons----

Collect the soul fragments of the God, and you can wake him to be your Shijin. Shijin has dual attributes-transformation and battle attributes, each style Gods all possess specific attributes: water, wind, fire, electricity, and so on. Summon your shikigami, helper from heaven, and the reversal of the battle begins at this moment!

----The guild community, there is you and my big family----

Team to master the king, hang up to practice, chat with Hara, and take risks together~


With you and my guild stronghold, it is the most lively and warm family~^^~

----Exclusive for love, keep together----

Watching the fireworks show with the people you like, dancing together, solving guild missions together, running hand in hand, secretly pranking the people you like, emojis that belong to two people, and an absolute realm that belongs only to you and me .

----Unique baby system, a big battle for parents and parents----

The baby system is warm and cute, and is cultivated by Zhengta Lori's willfulness! Through the baby will upgrade and change the appearance , From a baby in a swaddle to a child to be cuddled like a coquettish child, he can take Mengbao to fight and take risks when he grows up.

We are very happy to solve any problems encountered in the game for you, welcome to contact us!


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