Tornado: Showdown

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Tornado: ShowdownTornado: ShowdownTornado: ShowdownTornado: ShowdownTornado: Showdown

◆It's been a long time, your spin style fighters are back!

◆Hurry up and log in to the mobile game! Make an appointment for a limited time and get back rich benefits!

The brand-new fast hit whirlwind light strategy card mobile game-"Quick hit whirlwind: Showdown"! Authorized by the official version of Capcom, all the classic fighters are back, and the classic big moves are reproduced! Fight for hegemony in the streets, light strategy K.O. to fight against powerful enemies. Fighting blood, mobile games rekindled! It's been a long time, your spin style fighters are back!

[Classic Memories, Awakening the Soul of Fighting]

Authorized by Capcom’s official edition, Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Cammy and other fast-beating whirlwind classic fighters gather, classic Fighting ultimatum reappears, awakening your first memory of the fast-strike whirlwind!

[Explore the main line, experience the genuine classics]

An amazing conspiracy is about to be unveiled! Clear the plot map and become the strongest king!

[Place a net to win huge rewards]

Too busy with work and school? In the automatic mode, the battle will automatically display your skills throughout the battle, helping you to win easily all the way and win generous task rewards. You only need to mobilize troops, and then hand it over to your most powerful fighter, and fight to win back the victory.

[QTE combo, great move cool feeling again and again]

Classic big moves are released one after another, hitting super high damage; using nirvana skills, regaining the blood boiled and refreshing of the previous big moves Continuously. The strong show off in an instant!

[Various modes, determine the strongest commander]

PVP, PVE multiple competitive modes, arena crazy high position, one coin to challenge the limit, street hegemony and other strategic gameplay, with the strongest lineup , Decide the strongest commander!

【Cultivation of fighting, light strategy K.O. strong enemy】

Classic fast-spinning style fighters are waiting for your dispatch. Multiple fighting attributes are matched to form a powerful lineup; a full range of multiple games against the environment, light strategy K.O. strong enemy.

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[Other precautions]

※Classified according to the game software classification management method : Supplementary level 12.

※Part of the content of this game involves sex, and the characters in the game wear clothing or costumes with prominent characteristics, but do not involve sexual cues.

※Part of the content of this game involves scenes that are not bloody or slightly scary, such as violence, fighting, and attacks.

※This game is a free game, but there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items in the game. Please consume appropriately according to personal interests and abilities.

※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid indulging. Long-term play can easily affect your work and rest. It is advisable to take a moderate rest and exercise.

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