-Idioms fill the word and pass through, even poor Xiucai can also get merits and go on a steady path.

-A combination of games and idioms, a combination of word-filling and solitaire gameplay, while playing games, by the way, learn a lot of idioms.

-The operation is simple and easy to use. Clicking on the crossword will bring joy in learning idioms.

-A selection of tens of thousands of idioms, a total of 8800 levels without repetition, let you have fun playing heartily!

-The game interface is composed of different horizontal and vertical spaces. It is necessary to fill in the space with Solitaire to make it a horizontal and vertical idiom.

-Levels from simple to complex challenge your mental limit step by step, improve your reaction speed and sharp eyesight.

-Fully refer to the idiom dictionary to explain the idiom in detail, explain the origin of the idiom, while learning the idiom, you must also understand the story behind the idiom.

-You can play anytime, anywhere, without time limit, crazy guessing idioms makes you feel the charm of idiom assembly!

-Guess idioms, idiom word-filling, idiom solitaire, word-breaking puzzles, participate in imperial examinations, various gameplays waiting for you to challenge

Chinese idioms look very simple, but sometimes they catch You may not be able to guess if you have a broken scalp.

"Idiom Master" is a game that can learn a lot of idioms, no matter what age or occupation you are, it is suitable for you.

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