Idiom Elimination-Crazy Guess the Idiom

By DoPuz Games

Idiom Elimination-Crazy Guess the IdiomIdiom Elimination-Crazy Guess the IdiomIdiom Elimination-Crazy Guess the Idiom

Big and profound idiom culture, puzzle and leisure puzzle level, idiom elimination will take you to experience classic Chinese traditional culture. The simple four-character idiom contains rich historical allusions and philosophical significance. Idiom elimination, combining idioms with the popular elimination elements now, let you feel the blend of fun and literature, puzzles, brainburning are waiting for you to play. There are thousands of Chinese idioms, you know but you may not find them immediately! Eliminate idioms, play games, learn ancient Chinese culture, and improve your personal connotation. What are you waiting for!


There are three modes to choose from: simple, normal, and difficult. You can start from the simple mode and climb forward step by step, or you can directly select the difficult mode and challenge yourself. You don't need to pass each level and all the cards can be clicked to play. After entering the game interface, there are idiom Chinese characters at the top, and there are explanation tips in the middle. When you select the idioms in order from the upper Chinese characters, they will appear in the lower box. Pick out all the idioms, and the definition interface of all idioms will pop up and get the corresponding gold coin reward.


Game Features

★ It adopts Chinese style retro interface design and integrates with idiom culture

★ Every time you pass a level, there will be Corresponding gold coin rewards, gold coins can be used to buy tips when you can't guess

★ The difficulty level can be selected, each level does not need to be unlocked, and can be played directly

★ Each round of guessing After the idioms are published, the source and explanation of the idioms are explained in detail.

★ The meaning is not exhaustive, and all the cards can be replayed.

★ "All-age layer" puzzle leisure, very challenging

★ Challenge your mental limit, improve your reaction speed and sharp eyesight

The content of the game has been carefully arranged, and the difficulty of the game ranges from simple to complex, which can not only delight the mood, but also train the mind! Let you know the profoundness of Chinese during the game. This puzzle, novel and highly educational idiom game allows you to learn and entertain both, and can be eliminated in your free time!

Hundreds of selected levels, new and interesting idiom design, coupled with a simple Chinese-style UI interface, give you a unique gaming experience! If you are still annoyed by mediocrity in your free time, then it is better to challenge this magic idiom to eliminate it!

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