Product Highlights

1. Idioms are spread in English and they are fun to teach. They can relax and learn idioms, and improve your personal literacy. Is there any hesitation?

2. In the process of learning idioms, you can also recruit talents, go through the barriers with the heroes from all walks of life, and soon build your country!

3. The idiom group Yingzhuan brings together more than three thousand classic idioms, so that you can enjoy the profound and profound Chinese culture in the ocean of idioms.

Game Features

1. Blend idioms with crosswords, synthesis, and collection to make it more interesting;

2. There are no duplicates in thousands of levels, More challenging;

3. After the customs clearance, you can check the explanation and source of each idiom, which is truly entertaining;

4. No time limit, no venue limit, anytime Bring happiness to you everywhere;

5. Through history, collect heroes from all walks of life in the process of crossing the barriers, and pass the barriers together.

There are thousands of idioms, but you may not be able to guess right; Haojie is everywhere, but you may not be able to get acquainted. If you do n’t agree, try it quickly!

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