Working Hero 2: Xiangcheng Fengyun

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Working Hero 2: Xiangcheng FengyunWorking Hero 2: Xiangcheng FengyunWorking Hero 2: Xiangcheng FengyunWorking Hero 2: Xiangcheng FengyunWorking Hero 2: Xiangcheng Fengyun

"Working Heroes 2: Xiangcheng Fengyun" is an original, humorous and free martial arts training game. The story is set in Hong Kong in the 1980s, and people from all walks of life are transformed into martial arts. Players can nurture their favorite characters, make mistakes in the workplace of right and wrong, and practice in the crisis-ridden arena, and gradually reach the pinnacle of the two.


Mewe:香城风云@Add Mission Workshop

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[Wonderful and original world of rivers and lakes]

. The story continues the old work "The Legend of Working Hero", after careful design, there is a complete world view for players to communicate and discuss.

. Construction workers, waiting to be born, and bewitching children Qi Qi incarnate in the martial arts. Rainy Night Butcher, Zhonghuan Fat Mantis, Beihe Street Heroes, each has a distinctive character.

. Mong Kok "Hong Shengxing", Deep Water Bay "Shouson Villa", Lantau Island "Shaolin School", Xiangcheng 18 districts, all have unique martial arts and adventure events, waiting for players to challenge and explore.

[Freedom to cultivate multiple protagonists]

. Trendy boys, Hong Kong girls, and school girls, there are many characteristic protagonists to choose from, and each has an independent story for players to enjoy.

. Work hard, be lazy, practice martial arts diligently, socialize, choose different actions, and play your own style at will.

[Original combat, easy to learn but difficult to master]

. The combat system is improved from "Tic Tac Toe", which greatly enhances the original strategy of gameplay. Although it is easy to learn, the process is ever-changing.

. Connect OX patterns in series, and perform external skills. Make a move? Block the move? It is necessary to make a choice between offense and defense in response to changes in the battle situation.

. Before the battle, you need to match your external and internal skills, fists and claws, swords and guns? Understand the opponent's characteristics and make adjustments to outwit.

[Spoofing incident, contradictory decision-making]

. Where there are so-called people, there are rivers and lakes, workplaces and martial arts have corresponding events, detailed and interesting descriptions, the results are overjoyed.

. In the arena, or when you meet a bully, you need to be a hero, or when you meet a stranger, you can learn from a teacher, or simply help your mother-in-law to cross the road?

. In the workplace, the boss may make unreasonable requests, may embarrassing things happen during the meeting, or may find suspicious food in the pantry?

. Supervisors or subordinates, work or family relationships, doing good or evil, making decisions between contradictions, and discovering different possibilities.

[Small team, low cost, conscience production]

. 16 Rivers and lakes area|29 Organization martial art|195 personality characters|657 martial arts moves|More than 1000 events

. The game is continuously updated, and the problems reported by the players are quickly handled, and the user rating exceeds 4.6 stars

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