Palm Cloud Book City-Hot president romance novel books, magical reader

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Palm Cloud Book City-Hot president romance novel books, magical readerPalm Cloud Book City-Hot president romance novel books, magical readerPalm Cloud Book City-Hot president romance novel books, magical reader

Download Palm Cloud Book City and read the most complete hot novels. Popular legendary novels, with quality and quantity, fast update, complete classification, thousands of book friends are using, and enjoy the fun of reading together.

[Massive Novel]

The president ’s giants, ancient romance, fairy swordsman, suspense, cross-rebirth, urban abilities ...

Various types, total There is one to satisfy you.

Updated in real time, it ’s always a quick step to follow books.

Personal recommendation, customized book list for you.

【Free Zone】

Free Zone: Just look at it when you ’re free, it does n’t cost money anyway.

Free daily limit: seven books per day, selected magic novels, reading can not stop.

【A lot of benefits】

Novice benefits: newcomers ’red envelopes, perfect information, publish ideas, get book coupons from the beginning!

Check-in benefits: check-in every day, check-in on the 30th, book coupons, super fun!

Reading benefits: read books and send book coupons, the longer you read, the more you send, the more you earn after reading!

More benefits, waiting for you to get it, guarantee to get soft!

【Features and features】

The interface is simple: no ads throughout, giving you the most comfortable reading experience.

Intimate settings: eye protection mode, page turning effect, font size and other settings, personalized as you like.

Book Shelf Collection: Automatically save reading records, instant reminder of chapter updates, super convenient for lazy chasing books.

Community section: Recommend high-quality novels, spitting novels, book friends exchange, hidden social software.

[Contact Information]

1. Facebook:

2.Line: @ 136mggzu

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