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Spring FictionSpring Fiction

Concise design style, classic and non-greasy novels, dedicated special books added, free download after the novel, everything is for the sake of users!

1. Feature description:

1. Covers urban, fantasy, romance, fairy chivalry, martial arts, crossing, rebirth, palace fighting, giants, president, pets, house fighting, A list of all novels in categories such as supernatural, campus, youth, urban, farming, underworld, military marriage, history, military, science fiction, online game novels, and classics.

2. Built-in library, support deleting old books and downloading new books.

3. Full-screen reading, bookmark collection, smart memory of the last reading position, day/night/eye-catching mode, and other intimate designs that best suit the reading habits of book friends.

Second, product features:

1. Book shortage, difficult to find books? —— [Editor’s selection of tweets, real-time reading of the best-selling rankings]

2. Slow internet speed and low traffic? —— [Download novel offline to read, reduce waiting and save data]

3. The words are too small and the page turning is tired? —— [Intelligent typesetting can be adjusted as you like, and automatic scrolling is easier]

4. Where do you read and where do you go? —— [Bookmark progress can be saved at any time, and it’s clearer to read and follow articles]

5. On the trip, before going to bed? —— [Choose between horizontal and vertical screens, dark night mode does not hurt your eyes]

3. Product features:

1. New user benefits: new user benefits are coming. The book is getting money, so don’t grab it soon;

2. Reading can make money: you can exchange coupons for reading time, the longer you read, the more you get;

3. Personalization Recommendation: Recommend good books every day, Chunshui novels will understand your taste better;

4. Book ranking: ten-year classics and finished books, the ranking tells you the hottest books at the moment;

5. Book fine layout: e-books with pictures and texts, a different reading experience

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