Eternity: the origin of fate


Eternity: the origin of fateEternity: the origin of fateEternity: the origin of fateEternity: the origin of fateEternity: the origin of fate

An incredible dream-seeking journey, following the eternal memory of the light of destiny.

The 2019 masterpiece Japanese magical MMOARPG mobile game "Eternity: The Origin of Fate", the host-like fine 4K scene, sweeping the fingertips, the invigorating strike, the super-real battle shocked the extraordinary experience of the audience. The magic weapon was born, the attributes soared to start a new appearance; the mount holy wing was added, and the strength was advanced and cool! A revolutionary masterpiece with a new gameplay that breaks through the conventions and is bound to change the MMORPG market structure! Come and experience the shock brought to you by an epoch-making RPG!

---Exquisite, meticulous, smooth and stress-free---

The overall picture is bright and bright, with super real sense of sound effect, every scene is meticulous. The effect of the skill is cool, even if it is turned to the highest quality, there will be no lag.

---Shishen turns into a super-pleasure---

One of the core developments is the Shishen system, which collects cool shikigami fragments and activates the uniqueness of each shikigami skill. At the moment of turning into an angel, both vision and combat power impact on both sides, killing the full screen in seconds.

---Free trade, all equipment depends on playing---

The difference from other games is that all dropped items are distributed fairly. You can grab a large number of BOSS, sell treasures and sell money, upgrade quickly, and trade freely.

---Battle PK, fierce battle can't stop---

"Eternity: Origin of Fate" adds more PVP elements, real-time competition, and wild PK. Daily challenges, weekly seasons, climb the ladder, rise to the ranks, and cross-server PK to compete for the strongest king.

---Buddha heart hangs up Free your hands---

You don’t need to play the game when you hang up, and you can get experience offline. It’s super refreshing to upgrade. No matter how busy you are, you won’t be afraid to fall.

※This software is classified into Level 12 according to the game software management method.

※The content of this game includes fighting, attacking and other scenes that are not bloody or slightly scary.

※This game is designed to encourage users to fall in love or get married virtually.

※This game has a store plus area, please experience it according to your personal interests and abilities, and avoid excessive consumption.

※Playing games for a long time will easily affect your normal work and rest. You should rest and exercise properly.

Game support:

If you encounter a problem, please contact us via the following method:

Official Facebook: eyouyhsmqy/

Official WeChat: eyougameyhmysh

Official Email: [email protected]

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