White cat project


White cat projectWhite cat projectWhite cat projectWhite cat projectWhite cat project

"Evangelion" collaboration is being held!

Anyone can easily play with one hand! Popular exhilarating action RPG! Let's enjoy the story of gorgeous voice actors such as Yuki Kaji and Yui Horie without any stamina restrictions!

■ World view ■

The beginning of the story has been a long time ago.

When the "white" and "black" cats meet on the continent of the sky that floats far away, a great adventure that continues into the distant future begins--

■ Easy with one hand! Exhilarating action ■

Easy operation with one hand for movement, attack, and skill!

Let's freely go back and forth in the magnificent world and enjoy a flashy battle!

■ Challenge a "cooperative battle" where up to 4 people can play together ■

A must-see for those who like multiplayer!

Invite your friends to enjoy the battle together with the characters you raised!

Let's face the mighty enemies together!

■ Let's make the strongest party by making full use of 11 kinds of "professions" ■

Swordfighter, Warrior, Warrior, Lancer, Archer,

Various occupations such as mage appeared!

Let's organize a party according to the scene and challenge the adventure!

■ Wide range of training system ■

Equipped with a deep training system such as customizing weapons, using accessories and stone plates according to the situation, and building a town! Let's customize your favorite character freely!

■ Scenario with voices that many characters color ■

Many event scenarios are being updated every month!

Enjoy a scenario with voices featuring attractive characters!

-Provided by COLOPL Co., Ltd.-

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