Pink Fiction-The Complete E-book of Romance Novels

By Pai Mei (HK) Co., Limited.

Pink Fiction-The Complete E-book of Romance NovelsPink Fiction-The Complete E-book of Romance NovelsPink Fiction-The Complete E-book of Romance Novels

【Content Features】

1. Massive works: gather millions of genuine novels, easily read all kinds of books, complete novels, and enjoy reading.

2. High-quality short stories: Pampering Sweet and Warm, there are all you want to see here, and new books will be published every week.

3. Super complete classification: hot new books, great novels, romantic novels, presidential giants, crossing the sky, urban marriage, female rebirth, farming house, horror suspense, classic publishing, all kinds of novels Essential for catching books.


1. A lot of benefits: newcomer registration awards, sign-in gifts. Book coins can be received for free every day. There are also occasional recharge activities waiting for you.

2. Language switching: Chinese Simplified and Traditional Chinese can be switched at will.

3. Free for a limited time: The most popular romance novels in the whole network are free to read for a limited time.

4. Good reading experience: exquisite typesetting, simplified and traditional switching, night eye protection mode, various animations for turning pages, and reading records are automatically saved.

5. Easy to find books: authoritative list, intelligent search, and professional editors carefully recommend daily. Never worry about the shortage of books again.

6. Bookshelf collection: private exclusive bookshelves, automatically save your reading records and browsing records, more convenient to follow books

7. Exquisite interface: simple interface, easy operation, simple and easy to understand, no ads throughout.

8. Intimate service: customer service is professional and patient, all questions will be answered in detail.

[Contact us]

1. Customer service email: [email protected]

2. Customer service line: fenban

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