Ziwei master constellation fortune telling-2020 fortune telling eight characters Ziwei bucket number Feng Shui divination leader brand, Ziwei bucket number prediction expert

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Ziwei master constellation fortune telling-2020 fortune telling eight characters Ziwei bucket number Feng Shui divination leader brand, Ziwei bucket number prediction expertZiwei master constellation fortune telling-2020 fortune telling eight characters Ziwei bucket number Feng Shui divination leader brand, Ziwei bucket number prediction expertZiwei master constellation fortune telling-2020 fortune telling eight characters Ziwei bucket number Feng Shui divination leader brand, Ziwei bucket number prediction expert

⊙The only 20,000 fans in the same kind of apps have five-star praise

⊙The ranking of the world ’s Ziwei bucket number APP theory fortune-telling ranked first

⊙The first must learn the Ziwei bucket number first Tools

⊙The ancestor of the ancestors first published the single-family secret algorithm fate trend for the first time in 30 years

⊙The accuracy rate of 5 million scientific statistical verifications in the era of big data is 100%

⊙Baodian Marriage, workplace, shopping malls, wealth creation, and mind-building skills

⊙ More than 100 questions to solve the problems in life, powerful things, self-help dream success

⊙Severe marriage, divorce, primary three, Entrepreneurship, promotion, wealthy, pregnancy year

⊙Help you know the destiny before the age of 30 to play chess with the game score

(warm description: Master Ziwei is too precise, psychological Use it with caution for users who are weak. The daily energy situation is based on the monthly energy. It is recommended to refer to it at the same time. Do n’t just be negatively affected by the negative energy of Liuri to produce negative psychology.)

Nine major sections

⊙Life Order

Using the top-selling Ziwei Arrangement King app to help you professionally discharge the Life Order constellation


More than 40 question positions correspond to one by one to help you analyze your life globally

Ziwei divination

More than 80 questions help you divination all kinds of problems in the years, months and days

⊙Fortune decoding

According to the exclusive creation The world's energy system can be seen at a glance at the annual, monthly and daily energy fortunes at a glance.

⊙Pair of lovers

The daily life of the spouse is in luck, and the good luck of the horoscope constellation is good

⊙Baby platoon

The horoscope constellation predicts the baby ’s daily life and good luck, and the baby ’s lifetime tips

⊙Empire marriage

Ziwei Masters point out speed dating, new ways to get married and make friends out of time limit

⊙Blessing the Temple to pray and worship the Buddha

Internet online chanting and worship by the leader platform

⊙Baby named

A combination of eight characters, three talents and five grids, named Daquan to help a baby shine in the world

Appendix 1: Introduction to Ziwei Doushu

Ziwei Doushu is China One of the most important tribes of traditional numerology. It determines the position of the twelfth house based on the year, month, day, and hour of the person's birth, and constitutes the natal chart. Combining the constellation of constellations in each house, Zhou Yiqianzhi theory predicts a person's fate and good fortune. In ancient times, Ziwei Doushu was respected as "Emperorology", and there was a "Qin Tianjian" in the palace to study it. The people who can get in touch with Ziwei Doushu are only limited to the royal family or the emperor. Officials. This is why Bazi is widely circulated among the people, but the number of Ziwei buckets is little known.

Ziwei Doushu Pushing Life has both the mysterious color of Taoist cosmology and the modern meaning of paying attention to the social environment and interpersonal relationship. It is outstanding in Chinese mysterious culture and ranked among the "five gods" The first, known as "the number of gods in the world".

Appendix 2: Summary of APP problem analysis

The first solution

[Innate pattern]

What is my innate pattern of?

Innate pattern recommendations

What is my innate spiritual preference?

What will be the cause of my life?

What will trouble me all my life because of something? How to adjust and resolve?

What is the negative energy that affects me in my life? How do I get positive energy to eliminate negative energy?

How is the innate overall energy strength? (Understand the level of one's own situation, the proportion of prosperity and adversity)

【University Trend】

Older people will regret that they miss too many opportunities when they are young, and their success depends on their lifetime Can Yu seize the few opportunities, the exclusive disclosure allows you to prepare in advance to seize the opportunity?

The few years of energy bursts in your life, the exclusive disclosure allows you to prepare in advance to make life more exciting?

Exclusively reveal your Universiade trends, energy strength and weakness at a glance at a glance, master destiny, decide life?

Exclusively revealing a good year of your life?

Exclusively reveal the worst year of your life? Facilitate psychological prevention in advance

[Love and Marriage]

What kind of love will I have? What does my other half look like?

What is the nature of my emotional and marital status?

When I encounter emotional problems, how do I resolve them?

When can I fall in love? When can I get married?

I have congenitally negative energy interference from divorce? When will you pay extra attention?

Will my partner have an affair? If so, when will it be?

Will I become a third party?

Will I be an older single man or woman?

Can I chew?

[Career Development]

What is my innate career job?

Will I experience setbacks in my career?

Am I suitable for starting a business? When is the best time to start a business?

What is the height of my career?

Is suitable for doing business with others?

What is the trend of my career in my life? Exclusively revealing the energy cycle will help you take advantage of the trend and succeed in your career?

What industries are suitable for me?

Do I have a gift for reading?

[Fortune to create wealth]

What is my innate way to make money?

What is the status of my innate wealth and energy?

Do I have a chance to become a local tyrant?

Will I become rich? If at what time?

When will my first pot of gold be available?

In what years was my energy fortune relatively strong and easy to make money?

What kind of people help me make money?

Can I have my own house?

Which environment do I live in that can easily improve my luck?

[Peach Blossom Children]

Is it easy to get pregnant? (Female only)

In what year will I have the strongest baby (help parents prepare for their baby in advance)?

What kind of children will I have?

What kind of peach flower do I encounter and how is sex treated?

[Body Constitution]

What is the innate condition of my body?

Am I a cancer? If there is any need to pay special attention to prevention?

[Interpersonal Communication]

Will there be nobles to help you when you encounter difficulties?

Do I often meet villains?

When I encounter difficulties in borrowing money, what kind of people will give me money?

The second Ziwei divination

[Love and Marriage]

What is the heterosexual energy index this year?

When will this year have the energy to cultivate feelings with a partner or find a (male) girlfriend?

Is it suitable for dating today?

Is it suitable for confession with the opposite sex today?

Is it possible to fall in love this year? What is the high index of emotional changes in several months?

Is it possible for me or my partner to empathize this year?

Will this year become a third party?

Will there be a peach robber this year?

When will I be suitable for marriage proposal this year?

Is it suitable for blind date today?

Which zodiacs have the strongest marriage with me and the highest probability of successful matchmaking?

【Work career】

Is it suitable for starting a business this year? If it fits relatively, which months are the highest?

Is there any chance of promotion this year? If at what time?

If I start a business this year, is it suitable to partner with others?

Will looking for a job this year find a suitable and satisfactory job?

When is the chance of finding a job this year? Or when will it be easier to start a business?

Can I be promoted (government department) this year? In what months will it rise?

Will I meet nobles this year?

Is the probability of being admitted to the civil service this year?

Will I be involved in a lawsuit this year in my career?

Is it suitable for an interview today?

Will you meet nobles today?

Can I sign a contract successfully today?

Is it appropriate to travel on business today?

Is the company suitable for advertising vigorously this year?

Is it appropriate to invest or expand the business scale this year?

[Make money for property]

What are my chances of making money this month?

Is there any chance of making money today?

Will I have cash in my account today?

Do I have a lot of expenses this month? Will cash flow be tight?

Can I save money by the end of this year?

How is my cash flow turnover this year?

Will I make money on the stock this year?

My stock investment today buys and sells energy index?

Do I have the energy to buy a car this year? What kind of car do I buy?

If I buy a car this year, when will I most likely buy a suitable car?

How many months would it be easier to sell a car this year?

Is it possible to buy a house this year?

If I want to buy a house, when will I get a satisfactory house when I buy a house this year?

When will I move the most energy this year?

If my house encounters demolition problems, will it be demolished this year?

If I need to sell a house, when will I be the most likely to sell it this year?

Is it appropriate to sell the house this year?

Suitable for investment in real estate this year? How to do it?


Is the possibility of my entrance to university this year high?

Is it suitable for learning skills this year?

Is my examination successful this year?

Is it suitable for further study this year?

Is my exam successful this month?

What is my test energy index for today?

[choose date]

What are the most suitable months to talk about marriage and marriage (parents, marriage, certificate marriage, banquet, honeymoon) in the past year?

The wedding reception day for the engagement and certificate within 6 months? (Exclusive energy algorithm can reduce the negative energy interference of third party, frustration and separation after marriage)

In the last 3 months, which day is best for housewarming?

The most suitable day to open in the last 3 months?


Is it suitable for sex life today? Is it easy to have an orgasm?

Where is sex more appropriate today?

Will you live with your partner this year? If they will live together, what time is most likely?


Is it easy to get pregnant this year?

In the past month, on which days did I get pregnant with the highest energy index?

In the last 4 years, when is the highest probability of upgrading to fatherhood?


Will my parents often restrict me this year?

Will my parents be harsh on me this month?

How do I get along with my parents this year?

How about your parents ’fortune or health this year?

How did you get along with your mother-in-law this year?


When will I be the most prone to gain weight this year?

How is my weight loss effect today?

How is my health this month?

How is my mood today?

What will my health be like this year?

Am I suitable for outdoor exercise today?

How is my health today?

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