Ace Defender: War of Dragon Slayer


Ace Defender: War of Dragon SlayerAce Defender: War of Dragon SlayerAce Defender: War of Dragon Slayer

The most authentic and entertaining tower protection sport in 2021! A high-quality SRPG masterpiece.

In this magic world, each player can turn into a fantastic hero. Choose your favorite warriors and struggle for your nation.

Come to affix the nice expedition with your folks. Fight for glory and win along with your wits, technique and tactics!

Game Features:

1. Super rich recreation content:

Fight, idling, assortment, cultivation, strategic tower defense

Demon Tower, Ultimate Arena

Thousands of factor combos: barricades, totem buff, factor runes

A breakthrough of the standard tower defense, manually-activated ultimate skills, play it at your will

The richness of its content is ready for you to discover!

2. Fascinating and extremely strategic:

Battles of wits amongst gamers from completely different camps, interrupting opponent's expertise and eradicating their final talent buff

Seize the best moment of utilizing skills. Attack, defense, and total planning, the world is in your hands!

3. “Hands-free” idle cultivation:

Easy recreation, one-click upgrade

Send hero squad for autofight, one-click victory

Simple operation, benefit from the pleasure of rest and freedom

4. Fierce PVP:

Online cross-server battle with players from everywhere in the world, claim the highest spot!

Fight monsters with intelligent use of ultimate skills, guard the crystal, act now!

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