By ActivTrax


The ONLY weight training app that predicts and prescribes the right amount of weight you should use on every piece of equipment at your gym.

No more guessing or feeling lost at the gym! ActivTrax is available only at participating gyms and uses the actual equipment available to build a completely personalized exercise experience.

While other apps create generic, pre-defined workouts, ActivTrax is the only fitness tool that accurately prescribes and predicts the exact amount of weight to lift on every set for every piece of fitness equipment at your gym. How do we know others can't do it? We own the patent!

* Customized resistance routines built around your wants, needs goals

* Accurate weight prescription for every exercise at your gym

* No two visits to the gym are the same -- the amount of exercise variety is based on your experience level

* Exercise instructions and videos illustrate proper form and technique

* Connect your favorite wearable device to track your steps

* Our desktop interface provides insightful progress reports

* Comprehensive nutritional database

* Food journaling and cardio tracking

We make navigating your gym easy by telling you which equipment to use, what exercises to perform, how much weight to lift and even the amount of rest time between sets -- it's all done for you and the routines change with each and every visit to the gym to keep your workouts interesting.

Your performance is automatically analyzed after each workout and any necessary changes are made to ensure you continue to make progress and reach your goals.

And, if you're looking to lose weight, our nutrition tracking and food planning tool allows you to easily record and monitor your caloric balance to help get you to your goal weight.

But all of this is only possible if your gym participates.

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