AFK Summoner : fantasy hero war


AFK Summoner : fantasy hero warAFK Summoner : fantasy hero warAFK Summoner : fantasy hero warAFK Summoner : fantasy hero warAFK Summoner : fantasy hero war

Top fun, surprising enjoyment! AFK Games Idle RPG with 3D heroes evolving.

Enjoy the ultimate word Idle gaming experience, Focus on Strategy!

Come and Enjoy Now!



No matter when and the place, on-line and offline, your heroes can all the time struggle for you!

Bring in your group, they will battle for you automatically!

Just enjoy the success from the fight!

【Summon Heroes】

More than one hundred AFK heroes with unique skills!

More than 5 factions!

More than one hundred fifty weapons and equipment, upgrades and equipments to determine on from!

Equip the appropriate heroes with one of the best weapons and set up a strong mixture of hero skills.

【Plenty Reward Achievement System】

You'll find loads of resources in all places. Memorize your progress with rewards and achievements. Complete the legend journey by accumulating resources and accumulating rewards from each achievement.

【Sociability and Competition】

Play with different summoners around the world!Alliances of assorted nationalities, unimpeded communication lets you find Friends or Enemies.

Challenge the highly effective guild bosses!

Challenge the other highly effective guilds!

Stand out in the great world by leaving your name in the ranking board.


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