By Cobweb Design Studio


The duas are cataloged into sections for sooner and convenient access.

The complete duas are divided into 7 sections:

-Quranic (Duas from the Quran)

-Masnoon (Duas by Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him)

-Daily (morning, evening, night)

-Activity Based (meals, garments, home, market etc.)

-Occasion Based (marriage, ramadan, demise etc.)

-Protection Related (disaster, sorrow grief, debt, rain, drought)

-Illness Related (fever, pain, burn, eye, kidney stone and so on.)

Key Features:

- Simple minimal design

- Extensive duas assortment (400 )

- Share Dua via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter

- Bookmark favorite dua

- Counter (tasbhee) with buzzer

- Multiple fonts choice

- No ads :) (they suck!)

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