Alchemie Animator for Chemistry

By Alchemie Solutions, Inc

Alchemie Animator for ChemistryAlchemie Animator for ChemistryAlchemie Animator for ChemistryAlchemie Animator for ChemistryAlchemie Animator for Chemistry

Mastering chemistry requires a deep understanding of how particles interact with each other.

Being able to build visual representations of molecular and particulate interactions can help to understand key concepts of chemistry.

Alchemie's Animator for Chemistry allows users to build and share molecular animations to understand chemical concepts.

Chemistry students can use Animator to create moving pictures of atoms and molecules to show:

-Limiting reactants

-Lewis structures and resonance

-Solubility rules

-Precipitation reactions

-Gas Laws

-Kinetics and equilibrium


-Organic chemistry mechanisms

And much more - the possibilities are only limited by your creativity!

Chemistry instructors can use Animator as a new method for active learning in a classroom through our cloud-sharing platform. Using Animator, students can build and share their animations with each other and their instructor.

This is a new, engaging, and creative method for understanding the tough concepts of chemistry!

From the award-winning team that brought you Chairs! - named a top app by the Royal Society of Chemistry - and the creators of Isomers.

Make sure to check out other apps by the Alchemie team: Chairs, Isomers, and Connections.

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