Eat yourself - Health Diet and Nutrition

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Eat yourself - Health Diet and NutritionEat yourself - Health Diet and NutritionEat yourself - Health Diet and NutritionEat yourself - Health Diet and NutritionEat yourself - Health Diet and Nutrition

Eat healthy and achieve your goals, be it losing weight, gaining weight or keeping your weight healthy. Install this app and join more than 1,000,000 users satisfied with the results.

This app is perfect for you who want to set up and control your diet to have a good diet. With it you can insert your own diet, whether made by the nutritionist or not, or follow the different diets exclusive to the app.

Control the calories ingested and the macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats). Correct nutrition first, INSTALL now and try it out!


★ Several DIET options for you to take as an example and build your own. Choose a diet based on your goal, such as losing weight or gaining weight, and adapt it to your needs. Improve your results with the perfect diet for you.

This app can be used in conjunction with your nutritionist to eat healthily!


★ Track all calories consumed each day. This app organizes food in a clear and objective way for you to know all the information in the nutritional table of the foods you have eaten. We have a list of more than 10,000 foods with a nutritional table that informs the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the foods.

Knowing exactly how many calories you have ingested it is possible to predict whether the diet will work!


★ This app has an online system for sharing dishes (meals), and with that we have available thousands of dishes and meals ready for you. This makes it much easier to set up your diet, control macronutrients ingested and have a healthy and healthy diet.

Control all your meals without wasting time adding food for food!


★ Find out how many calories you lose per day. 'Alimenta-se-se' divides the calories lost into calories burned with vital activities and calories burned in physical activities.

It's you in complete control of your body!


★ Get a complete history of all your daily meals. So you will know exactly what you ate and when you ate. Remember that controlling carbohydrates, proteins and fats ingested is vitally important for a balanced diet. Make reports and show them to your nutritionist.

Don't eat what you shouldn't with this app!


★ Find out the correct amount of water you need to drink each day , in addition to controlling how much water is consumed.


✓ Monitor variations in your weight weekly and see your evolution

✓ Detailed measurement history , containing all body measurements and intuitive layout

✓ Define a weight goal to be achieved

✓ See all weight and measure information in charts

★ Stay engaged in training when you see your progress, start right now.


✓ BMI, Ideal Weight and Fat Rate Calculator

✓ Get detailed information on your weight rating


★ All information in the app is shown in graphs and tables, making managing your food super simple. It is worth trying !!!

★★★★★ This app was developed aiming at the user experience to be as simple and objective as possible. No time wasting on complicated apps and difficult to move. In addition, the size of the app is reduced so as not to waste your smartphone's memory, you can download it without fear :)

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