Alphabet Aquarium, ABC


Alphabet Aquarium, ABCAlphabet Aquarium, ABCAlphabet Aquarium, ABCAlphabet Aquarium, ABCAlphabet Aquarium, ABC

***** Parents' Choice Award Winner

***** Developed by an award-winning education studio, 22learn, the creator of the best-selling Abby Basic Skills app, in cooperation with educational specialists.

Dive into our alphabet aquarium for an ultimate alphabet learning games. Our ABC letters learning games will help your child in his preschool learning. Toddler ABC learning game presents the wonderful world of letters in four great games for 2 -5 year olds.


GREAT WAY TO LEARN THE ENGLISH ALPHABET for toddlers kids! Four great puzzle games with letters and animated animals to develop your child's skills.


Explore the shapes and names of letters with this new fun app developed by an award-winning educational publisher, 22learn, and a producer of the best-selling Abby Basic Skills app.

Toddler Aquarium presents the wonderful world of letters in four great games that besides knowledge of letter shapes and names also help toddlers in the areas of matching and learning several representative words of certain initial letter for each letter of the alphabet.

The application features a beautiful, bright, colorful design and a child-friendly interface. All the items to be manipulated are large enough to be easily grasped by children's fingers and no complicated menus have to be accessed by a child in order to play the game on his or her own.

All the letters of the alphabet are presented in a series of 4 game modes that add variety and target different skills.


* LETTERS PUZZLE: Help the crabs assemble a letter! Targets memorization of the visual shape of the letter.

* ANIMALS PUZZLE: Make an animal puzzle! Drag the pieces back to their place and then observe a funny animation

* SKY PUZZLE: Let's fly on clouds! Match the things onto the clouds! Targets matching objects with their silhouettes while learning a few words whose initial letter is the one practiced.

* BEACH PUZZLE: The tide cast ashore so many things out of the ocean depths. Can you match the things back to their place? Targets the skills of matching letters and objects with their silhouettes.

Each game mode is full of pictures and wonderful, cute animations children will love!


* 4 game modes: Letters Puzzle, Animals Puzzle, Sky Puzzle, Beach Puzzle

* Possibility for parents to turn on/off only the games they want their children to practice

* Bright, colorful, child-friendly design

* Numerous adorable hand-drawn animations and illustrations for each letters

* All pronunciation by professional voice-over artists

Please let us know any comments you may have at [email protected] We are always happy to hear about your experience using our apps. Thank you for your download!

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