Arduino temperature management

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Arduino temperature managementArduino temperature managementArduino temperature managementArduino temperature managementArduino temperature management

Displays the temperature, humidity and pressure of your Arduino device

* you can create unlimited places

* you can create unlimited devices for each place

Supported sensors:

* DHT11

* DHT22

* DS18B20

* BMP180

* BMP280

* BMP388

* or any other sensor that has temperature / humidity / pressure


* Local network scanner to find easily your Arduino device

* Different user name and password per device can be passed (if needed from Arduino)

* Extra parameters per device can be passed (if needed from Arduino)

Free download Arduino (.ino) code for your project from our web site.


For testing perposes you can use the follow IDs and link to simulate an Arduino device result (user name and password don't needed).


ID: 1


Arduino ID: 1

Arduino IP:


for Place ID 1 and Arduino ID 2, use the follow link:

Arduino IP:

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