Arithmagic - Math Wizard Game

By ???? Gooble Games

Arithmagic - Math Wizard GameArithmagic - Math Wizard GameArithmagic - Math Wizard GameArithmagic - Math Wizard GameArithmagic - Math Wizard Game

Explore the world as a math magician wielding the power of arithmetic! Practice your addition, subtraction, division and multiplication skills by casting, flipping and combining all of your math spells to defeat enemies.


• Cast math spells of 4 different operators

• Use a fluid control system to quickly chain math operations together, like flip and combine

• Flip spells to get the opposite operator: subtraction becomes addition, division becomes multiplication!

• Combine spells together to create new ones

• 70 levels to play through and master by solving math problems perfectly

• Battle 10 different enemies with 3 different special abilities

• Engage in fast paced action in challenge mode or take your time and zen out in relax mode


• Subtract, add, multiply or divide health using math spells in a table stacking format, just like doing arithmetic by hand

• Practice algebra in later levels with fill-in-the-blank equation monsters

• Solve increasingly difficult math problems as you journey through the world map

• Improve your simple math calculation speed


• As you defeat bosses, gain new math spell cards

• Arrange your math spell deck depending on which math cards you like the most

• Like an RPG, get perfects on levels and use your skill points to strengthen your math wizard and defeat tougher opponents

• Buy new math cards from the spell shop with coins you earn from defeating enemies

• Use special math spell cards like Heal or Stun for other magical effects


• Play offline!

• No ads or in app purchases!

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