By Sirnic


Atomas is an interesting incremental puzzle sport, which you'll be taught in seconds but will entertain you for weeks. The excellent game for your spare time!

Your little universe begins with hydrogen atoms only but with the assistance of the energy wealthy plus atoms you are able to fusion two hydrogen atoms into one helium atom, 2 helium atoms into one lithium atom and so on. Your major objective is to create the dear elements like Gold, Platinum and Silver.

But be careful, in case your universe is overfilled with to many atoms it'll cause a giant crunch and the sport is over.

One way to prevent that is to construct up long symmetries in your atoms and begin massive chain reactions.

From time to time minus atoms appear, use them for absorbing and replacing atoms within your universe or sacrifice them for a plus atom.

You see Atomas isn't hard to play, but if you want to get to the top you may want an excellent technique, which retains your atoms organized.

By creating new elements like oxygen or copper you unlock fortunate charms, which impact the game in various methods and adjust it to your technique.

What Atomas provides you:

- 4 completely different sport modes

- simple but addicting recreation mechanics

- 124 completely different atoms to create

- 12 different lucky charms

- Google play video games leaderboards achievements

- share your rating on twitter and Facebook

- quick tutorial

The builders high rating is sixty six 543. Can you do better?

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Clear the board. Pay what you need. Okay?