Aureo: Learn, Grow, Highlight

By Knowledge Media S.L.

Aureo: Learn, Grow, HighlightAureo: Learn, Grow, Highlight

Do you love learning but have little time?

Aureo is the new training app exclusively in Spanish. We select the best nonfiction books and condense your key ideas in Aureolibros. Learn where and when you want with our downloadable content in audio and text format.

► How do you use the Aureolibros?

✔ Save time, you need less than 20 minutes

✔ Take advantage of your journeys, waiting and downtime to train yourself

✔ Stand out by learning from the best

✔ Take care, if you forget your headphones, you can read the content

✔ Access whenever you want, the content is downloadable

✔ Learn effortlessly, our content is 100% in Spanish

✔ Relax, the best voice actors will liven up your listen

✔ Focus without advertising

► How does it work?

1. Download the app on your mobile (Android or iOS)

2. Sign up with your name and email to start your free 14-day trial

3. Select one or more categories from the 4 available: business, entrepreneurship, personal development and health and wellness

4. You will receive 6 FREE Audiobooks based on the selected categories

5. Learn when and where you want!

► And then?

If you have fallen in love with Aureo ❤️, there are 2 types of subscription:

• Monthly subscription : € 9.99 / month

• Annual subscription: € 99.99 / year (€ 8.33 / month)

★ Download the Aureo app and receive 6 FREE Aurebooks to learn from NOW!

If you have questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from you and improve. Write us at [email protected]

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