Awaken Demons : Idle Merge RPG

By KYoo Games

Awaken Demons : Idle Merge RPGAwaken Demons : Idle Merge RPGAwaken Demons : Idle Merge RPGAwaken Demons : Idle Merge RPGAwaken Demons : Idle Merge RPG

Newbie Gift Code:: Demonsgift

How to redeem?

1.Tap “More”

2. Settings

3. Code

Log in 7 days to get SSR(5-Star) Demon T4 Gem UR (6-Star) Demon

☆ Lord Growth Supply! ! ☆

Complete Newbie Quests will get SSR(5-Star) Demon T3 Gem

Complete Advanced Quests will get UR (6-Star) Demon T4 Gem

After the epic warfare between demon and angel, great changes had occurred in the devildom.

A lot of demons have been sealed.

Thousand years later, the demons are awakened, and the everlasting war is about to begin...

Just faucet faucet to crush enemies on this latest idle merge RPG--Awaken Demons. Time to indulge yourself on this free to play clicker adventure.


-☆ Endless Challenges ☆-

Auto battle AFK, the challenge never ends!

Lead your demon squad to clear 20,000 stages with strategies

-☆ Daily Free Rewards ☆-

Claim free diamonds and cash daily!

-☆ Merge Powerful Demons ☆-

Tank, Priest, Physic, Spell--Summon gather over a hundred demons to build a robust team!

Upgrade, Awaken, Idle Merge--Witness the facility growth of your demons!

-☆ Explore Various Dungeons ☆-

The powerful enemy in the legendary haunts Magicka Valley Chaos Castle.

Defeat raid to get large assets and skill gems.

-☆ Reincarnate From Fire ☆-

Reincarnate to achieve extra souls, take up the facility of soul, let your demons surpass squad of different gamers.

-☆ Win Glory Points in Arena ☆-

Refresh and climb the world rank each day

Lead your demon squad to struggle within the enviornment, and win the crown of glory!

-☆ Craft Gems with Enchants ☆-

Equip and refine gems strategically to unlock ability bonus in battles.

-☆ Worldwide Guilds ☆-

Join multiplayer guild boss battles from all over the world. Tap tap to crush guild bosses with idle demons.

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