Best Stock manager offline


Best Stock manager offlineBest Stock manager offlineBest Stock manager offlineBest Stock manager offlineBest Stock manager offline

Free stock management app is particularly intended for small business owners aiming inventory tasks and Finance tracking at easiest way.

Easily deal with your:

Sales And Purchase

Stock In/Out





Payment Receiving and paying

Banks and Cash accounts

- Send SMS,

- Print Invoice

- Much more

Instant inventory reports, Stock valuation, purchase and sales history, accounts payable and receivable everything updated automatically.

No need of complex BookKeeping and inventory management. You don't need to be professional accountant. With Shop Accounting and Inventory Management app is so simple and effective. simple Shop manager application is produced to enable you to deal with your business in fully secure way. This is the most versatile yet simple Shop accounts management app you have ever used.

Offline Inventory application for easy stock management is a basic smart phone software for dealing with your shop finance, profit and lose accounts, balance sheet, and inventory control. By using this application, you can easily see your product availability status and it gives you stock tracking and easy inventory management.

You can manage your inventory and transaction invoice at any time. You can insert new invoices, edit and delete your receipts when needed.

Suppliers customers account management:

Wholesale, retail, distribution and more businesses and organisations of all sizes must oversee, control and track stock whenever and from anyplace. Today, inventory administration is much more urgent to progress, productivity, scalability and supportability, as business transactions happen on a worldwide scale and cover different areas.

Paper inventory entry, following, and counting stock is almost outdated by the current business measures, yet depending on stock administration, inventory control, and following strategies exclusively on a work station is never again practical. So, We at led by have designed and developed best inventory management app to make inventory data entry, inventory search, and visualisation possible from any location and at any time using smartphones and tablets.

Since extra stock is one of retailer's most elevated costs, numerous are searching for any answer for lessen them; and with the most recent pattern to decrease stock levels to meet requests, reserve funds can be utilised somewhere else that would require less space.

Stock is a noteworthy interest in many organisations. It firmly impacts the interior adaptability of an organisation.

Application function and features

1- Shop registered on mobile number

2- Add Products (Inventory/stock status)

2- Supplier management

3- Expense records

4- Payments

In result following reports are generated automatically.

1- Stock Report

2- Purchase history

3- Sales history

4- General journal entries

5- Customer Account

6- Supplier Account

7- Accounts Payable

8- Accounts Receivable

9- Profit and Lose account

And Many more.

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Free stock manager app is particularly intended for small business owners aiming inventory tasks. Easily deal with your:Inventory Record Customers Suppliers Employees Sales Purchase Expanse and Payments. Instant inventory reports, ...


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