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Orthodox BibleOrthodox BibleOrthodox BibleOrthodox BibleOrthodox Bible

Bible Synodal Translation is an electronic implementation of this excellent book. Now you can read the Bible directly from your phone or tablet. The Bible is fully installed on the device and does not require a permanent Internet connection. The user-friendly interface of the application and its speed will make reading the Bible as pleasant as possible.

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Features: < / p>

Synodal Bible Translation

• Old and New Testaments Non-canonical books

• Full performance of the application without an Internet connection

• High speed application

Everyday Bible Verse widget

• Highlighting your proper names in bold

Support for different fonts

• Various skins for Chapters

• Opportunity Bookmarks and Notes for Books and Chapters

• The ability to mark a read Chapter or Book

• Copy text to the clipboard

• Support for gesture management

• Simple and easy to use interface

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