By Роганов Геннадий


Offline Bible

There are two translations in the application: Russian Synodal translation and modern, in addition, the application allows you to connect other translations including Barkley comments (download link and installation instructions, http: // algo-rithm .ru / androidprojects).

The application offers the following features:

Screen orientation (portrait, landscape, automatically).

Lock screen to go to sleep mode.

Zoom with a finger gesture (not all devices work correctly, in this case I recommend disabling zoom and use the font size).

Finger gesture to move around chapters , as well as volume buttons on the device.

Quick search by word or phrase.

Bookmarks grouped by date.

When closing, it saves the current position.

Using Styles:

You can create an unlimited number of styles. The style includes:

Font, two android fonts 4 fonts embedded in the program (BookAntiqua, ComicSansMS, MaiandaD, Miroslav) the ability to select a font from a file (.ttf) thanks to the built-in file manager. < / p>

Font color (text and verse number can be set separately)

Font size

Font style (bold, non-greasy)

Text shadow ( color, offset, "blur")

The background image, in addition to the built-in 17 images, it is possible to select a background from the gallery.

Alignment of text (left, right, in the middle , in width).

Verses are highlighted with one touch (background highlighting, adjustable in style)

Function buttons appear for the selected verse: the verse can be copied, sent (SMS, mail, bluetooth and etc.), add to bookmarks, mark with a marker, and you can also open another translation starting from this verse (from version 2.5 you can see the cross-references of the Synodal translation).

When the selected verse is visible, the icon and the notes on the right, by clicking which you can add / view a note (comment) to the selected verse

Back up and restore all styles, bookmarks, markers to the SD card.

Reading history.

You can add your comment or note to the verse.

More information on the site in the android section.

If you have any design suggestions, write an e-mail to [email protected]

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