Brain Wars

By Translimit, Inc

Brain WarsBrain WarsBrain WarsBrain WarsBrain Wars

◇◆The World's First Real-Time Concentration Battling App!◆◇

Increase your brain power and compete against players from around the world!

Experience the heated battle that will keep you on your toes!

Highly rated by players who enjoy Puzzles Crosswords, Sudoku, and other brain teasers!

▼The Rules

・Outscore your opponents with simple brain teasers!

・Defeat them and climb the worldwide rankings!

・Challenge your friends with real-time matches!

・Increase your Brain Power through continuous challenges!

◆Real-Time Battle Experience

Compete with worldwide challengers―LIVE! Test your opponents and push your brain to its limit!

◆Play With Friends!

Invite your friends for double the fun! Connect through Facebook and challenge other players!

◆Strive For World-class Rankings

The stage is the world―Play against players from around the globe and place on the worldwide ranking!

◆Simple Intuitive Brain Training!

Easy to understand mental training rules and concepts!

◆The key to matches?

Brain Teasers don't contain certain subjects or languages! Train your brain and easily adapt through repetition!

◆New and Updates

・Official FaceBook Page

・Official Twitter


BrainWars is a mental concentration battle game for players from around the world. Players can participate in this through simple brain teasers and compete with each other. Brain Teasers do not require special knowledge so everyone can improve their brain function through repetition and adaptation.

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