Brick Mania: Relaxing Arcade Game

By Dong Digital

Brick Mania: Relaxing Arcade GameBrick Mania: Relaxing Arcade GameBrick Mania: Relaxing Arcade Game

- More than one thousand levels!

- Fully works offline!

- Less than 3 MB to download!

- No annoying ads!

Inspired by the traditional Atari Breakout arcade but with a twist: 7 several sorts of power-ups make the progress much faster by quickly rising the variety of balls you management or their energy.

Available power-ups:

• x3: Multiplies each ball to a few balls.

• 3: Fires 3 further balls from the paddle.

• Wall: Covers the bottom of the display for five seconds. You still need to gather the power-ups with the paddle though.

• x: Destroys one random brick. Useful in the course of the tip of the extent if you only have one or only a few bricks remaining. Only obtainable by way of stars (see below).

• Heart: Gives one extra life (❤️).

• Laser: Fires laser beams from the paddle.

• Power-ball: Balls destroy every little thing in their path with out stopping.

You additionally want to collect stars (⭐). 3 stars are dropped in every degree. Stars can be used to purchase power-ups (bottom-left nook of the screen) for difficult levels.

Available universes:

- Easy: Relax and have enjoyable.

- Dense: 4 times extra bricks!

- Hard: Good luck there, pal!

Have fun!

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