Bubble Tale - Bunny Quest

By BanhCa

Bubble Tale - Bunny QuestBubble Tale - Bunny QuestBubble Tale - Bunny QuestBubble Tale - Bunny QuestBubble Tale - Bunny Quest

A New indie games with retro platform games and pixel art style. This wonderful arcade platformer takes you on adventure to the retro pixel magical world. Unlock A little fairy and her fairy magic to accompany you in dangerous journey ahead and complete bubble quest. Download Super Bubble Bobble Tale right now.It's Bubble Rush time.

❤️ Main Features ❤️

• Intuitive and simple tap to jump controls.

• 3 unique cute worlds to run and complete

• Easy to learn and addictive gameplay

• Play 30 levels and more!!

• Boss Battles

• Explore new lands

• Discover hidden secrets

• Cute retro pixel art and music rs

• Achievements

• CONTROLLER SUPPORT - HID compatible controller, Gamepad

tip :Customize Virtual Button. Click Icon controll EDIT at the top left corner of the screen. Touch and move the buttons to where ever you like.

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