Call For Fire

By Simulation Training Group

Call For FireCall For FireCall For FireCall For Fire

Welcome to Call For Fire, the cell coaching simulation that teaches you the way to Call For Fire and coordinate indirect artillery and mortar fire using Grid and Polar missions.

This recreation will put you in an Observation Post and arm you with a radio enabling you to rain down hell on enemy armoured autos and personnel.

This just isn't your typical shoot em up arcade recreation. Call For Fire is a training simulation built by troopers for troopers. It intently simulates what it's actually like to name in oblique fires onto a goal.

The Call For Fire relies on the US JFIRE doctrine and can teach you tips on how to coordinate artillery fire in a coalition environment. The game will enable you to learn the artwork of coordinating indirect fires.

By playing this game you will learn:

* Correct RATEL procedures for all levels of the Call For Fire

* How to adjust fires onto Line OT (Observer Target)

* How to correctly bracket a target

* How to ship in a BDA (Battle Damage Assessment)


1. You are a coalition soldier and are interested in perfecting your skills at calling for fire.

2. You are a military teacher or commander on the lookout for a tool to show your soldiers how to Call For Fire.

3. You are a soldier in training and want to get a aggressive edge on your name for fire expertise.

4. You are just interested in studying how soldiers call for hearth on the battlefield.

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