Call of Mystery

By GameArk Global

Call of MysteryCall of MysteryCall of MysteryCall of MysteryCall of Mystery

A great flood had submerged the world of historic civilizations. Tiamat, the primal mother of all things, took pity on all living beings and remodeled her remnant body into new continents, mountains, and oceans. Several years later, new races emerged on this new world, a few of which have been taken beneath the shelter of famous mighty creatures, which have been handled as gods by them. Disputes arose from the different mighty creatures worshipped, and wars are now on the verge of breaking out... Advance your territory and defeat enemy forces!

- New Age Cartoon Art Style

The core parts of the style are taken from classics animation, and are mixed with fashionable craftsmanship to reshape and assemble a new age cartoon style!

- Explore a Fantastic Maze

A roguelike underground maze, crammed with enjoyable and challenges on each floor!

- More Tactical Combinations

Call of Mystery has 16 forms of completely different races to choose from. Upgrade your teams to challenge extra highly effective enemy forces!

- Explore the Lost World from before the Flood

Step out on this unbelievable journey, and lead your hero team to discover the reality of misplaced world from before the flood. Unite all races, and battle collectively towards unknown threats!

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