Car Maintenance List FREE

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Car Maintenance List FREECar Maintenance List FREECar Maintenance List FREECar Maintenance List FREECar Maintenance List FREE

Regular car or auto maintenance is critical to ensure thesafety, reliability, comfort, drivabilityandlongevityof a car. Our car maintenance guide comes pre-populated with over 150 routine auto maintenance tasks that should be done periodically. This car maintenance checklist / planner is configurable and easy to use with thumb friendly check/ uncheck/ add/ delete options.

NOTE : This free app is Ad supported and has in-app purchase option to upgrade to premium features. The basic features are always free. You have NO obligation to upgrade.

Features include:

- Tablet support.

- Quick navigation. For small screen devices, just swipe right to reveal the left pane.

- Create new lists from factory template in minutes.

- Add/Edit or delete lists/items/categories.

- Quickly add item or category from the same screen with the "Quick Add" feature.

- Hide/Unhide checked items.

- Option to check all/uncheck all so you can reuse the list again.

- Indicates the total number of items and the number of items that need to be completed.

- Color coded (green, yellow and red) for a visually appealing presentation

- Export/Backup all lists to external storage.

- Easily email with your friends / family using any sharing client you have on your device.

- Send and share via Bluetooth to any bluetooth enabled device

- Easily send to your printer (via email - Needs email to print support on your printer)

Premium features (requires upgrade) :

- Cloud Sync. Easily backup and sync across devices via the cloud.

- Cloud share. Share your lists with friends and family and keep everyone in sync.

- 65 Templates and 14,000 items. Quickly create your list from templates in minutes. Save yourself all the typing.

- Ability to add notes, Quantity and an additional measurement (weight/volume/temperature etc) for each item.

- Move checked to bottom/top.

- Ability to delete all checked items.

- "Add After This" or "Add Before This" option to insert items wherever you want and quickly.

- Password protect from prying eyes.

- Copy or Move between lists, categories and items. Quickly creates your own personal list in matter of minutes.

- Auto Sort either in ascending or descending order.

- Rearrange items/categories/lists using drag/drop.

- Edit your list on your computer and import it back.

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