CarlTune - Chromatic Tuner

By Brainting

CarlTune - Chromatic TunerCarlTune - Chromatic TunerCarlTune - Chromatic TunerCarlTune - Chromatic TunerCarlTune - Chromatic Tuner

Chromatic tuner for guitar, violin, viola, flute, cello, bass, ukulele, saxophone, guitalele, mandolin, mandola, gayageum, etc.

Handy tool for vocal exercises.

Easy and intuitive user interface.

Neat GUI and very inventive design.

Features :

1. All in one view

- frequency, octave, note, staff, keyboard, ±cents

2. Concert pitch(A4) setting

3. Various notations

4. Pitch pipe for every note

5. Color palette for background

6. Screen rotation (Portrait or Landscape)

7. Various custom tuning presets


★ All features are free. ★


8. remove ads (In-App billing)


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