Castlelands - real-time classic RTS strategy game

By Black Bears

Castlelands - real-time classic RTS strategy gameCastlelands - real-time classic RTS strategy gameCastlelands - real-time classic RTS strategy gameCastlelands - real-time classic RTS strategy gameCastlelands - real-time classic RTS strategy game

Castlelands is a basic real-time navy RTS technique recreation with user-friendly controls. Your process is to deal a devastating blow to the enemy's army and conquer his castle! Upgrade your metropolis, raise your troops, implement your own techniques and strategy and victory will be in your pocket!

Castlelands Game Features:

- A true traditional real-time RTS;

- Easy controls tailored for mobile gadgets;

- About 20 completely different heroes and 9 species of towers to implement your own combat technique;

- A big variety of upgrades and perks within the city and on the battlefield;

- You can play offline and on-line, as nicely as with out an internet connection.

Upgrade your troops and chateau, don't forget about upgrades and perks, construct your own strategy and intelligently use your resources to win epic battles! Play Castlelands RTS!

If you've any questions about the sport, submit right here:

- [email protected]

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