CleanSlate Kernel Configuration

By Pal Illes

CleanSlate Kernel ConfigurationCleanSlate Kernel ConfigurationCleanSlate Kernel ConfigurationCleanSlate Kernel ConfigurationCleanSlate Kernel Configuration

Kernel Configuration application using Unprivileged Configuration Interface, specifically designed to interact through internal storage file with kernel interface. Works with compatible kernels only, don't install it if not using one with UCI support.

*** Check XDA forum kernel dev threads for currently supported devices: HTC 10, U Ultra, U11, U11Life, U11 , U12 , OnePlus 6/6T, Pixel 4/Pixel 4 XL ***

Requires only Internal storage write access to be able to save kernel configuration.

To apply, press Disk icon to Save settings. Revert button reloads original state.

Covers as much CleanSlate options as possible, from Kernel Ambient Display, through Notification Booster to Flashlight Notification and more.

PREMIUM features:

- App Themes with different colors (light, grey, dark, pitch black) and accents (contrast, red, green, blue, pop blue, orange, brown)

- Settings Profiles, easy switch between configuration sets

- quick tiles for addition to system notifications pull down area

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