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Commit SwimmingCommit SwimmingCommit Swimming

Write, track and analyze your swim workouts with Commit. Whether you are an athlete or a coach, Commit Swimming is the simplest and most modern way to keep a journal of your swim training. No need to type into little boxes, just write each workout like an email and Commit's proprietary algorithm, "The Parser", does the rest.

Commit tracks your workout history, it analyzes trends in your training, and most importantly, it’s extremely easy to use. All you have to do is type your workout as you would in a Word document, and everything else is automatically taken care of for you.

The Parser gives coaches and athletes all the advantages of writing workouts on an app (ease of access, historical workout data, sharing workouts with their team and staff, workout visualizations etc.), while at the same time emulating the free-form canvas that pen and paper allows.

Commit Swimming Features

In addition to The Parser, Commit's swimming workout manager comes with easy to use features swimmers and swim coaches need every day.

-view graphs and trends of your swim season

-log workouts for yourself or multiple training groups at once

-write notes for a workout to communicate with other coaches, keep track of mental notes, or record test-set times

-track athlete specific attendance for your workouts and view attendance reports

-Organize workouts into folders for easy access

As always, contact [email protected] with any questions!

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