Cool Symbols - Emoticons - My Photo Keyboard

By RunToFuture

Cool Symbols - Emoticons - My Photo KeyboardCool Symbols - Emoticons - My Photo KeyboardCool Symbols - Emoticons - My Photo Keyboard

Welcome to Cool Symbols , Emoticons , My photo Keyboard.

With more 20.000 cool symbols, emoticons provides thousands of symbols keyboard.

It helps you to spice up chats in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Zalo, WeChat etc.

How to use application:

Step 1: Install keyboard.

Step 2: Tap this application's icon on your home screen, and change your keyboard configuration into this.

☆ Just 2 Steps makes you possible to use keyboard cool symbols and emoticons

☆ Setting value of keyboard inside screen main.

Awesome Features of Keyboard:

Emoji Emoticon: Keyboard gives you Smiley and Special emoji combos like “꧁༺I❤Lⓞⓥⓔ Yⓞⓤ༻꧂” .

Fast input new emoji from emoji keyboard in all social apps.

Type fast and accurately with our super smart, emoji prediction and next word suggestion tech.

Customizable keyboard audio, font and wallpaper.

Smart emoji prediction for typing.

Custom key with color and font for text.

Custom background keyboard with your photo.

Massive symbols and emoticon Star, Heart, Weather, and Money characters, etc...

We will nerver store or share your data from any inputs.

Let's download Cool Symbols, Emoticons , My photo Keyboard for all free and make your chatting colorful right away.

Contact with us :

Email : [email protected]


Let's use and experience the application.

Have a nice day...!

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