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Coordinator-Collect CoordinateCoordinator-Collect CoordinateCoordinator-Collect CoordinateCoordinator-Collect CoordinateCoordinator-Collect Coordinate

Using Coordinator app, you can collect coordinate data from land on whatever coordinate system you want, choosing from defined systems. You can collect GPS coordinates. You can view a coordinate data on the map and also you can search by address and see that on the map.(You can get directions to that point by clicking the red marker shown on the map). At the same time, you can learn the altitude value of the point and the distance between the point and your current location by long pressing on the map. Also you can see the distance and the elevation difference between two points created on the map. You can convert an existing coordinate into another coordinate system. You can do this by typing coordinates manually or opening an XLS file which contains coordinates. You can display circumference and area measurements of some coordinates by opening the file which created before using this app. Also you can measure circumference and area for some coordinates which determined manually on the map. Using this app, you can display a KML file on the map. Coordinator app contains several useful tools for people interested in coordinates, maps and geographic informations systems (GIS).

The coordinate systems of the countries, which the app is most downloaded, are added to the app.

Current list of the countries and their coordinate systems defined in this app:

World - GPS(WGS 84)

World - WGS 84 - 6 ̊ UTM

United States - "NAD 1983 HARN State Plane Coordinate Systems"

Algeria - "Nord Sahara 1959 / UTM 6 ̊ "

Azerbaijan - "Pulkovo 1942 / Gauss-Kruger 3 ̊ " and "Pulkovo 1942 / CS63"

Bulgaria - "Pulkovo 1942(58) GK 6 ̊ "

Germany - "DHDN/3 ̊ GK" and "ETRS89 UTM 6 ̊"

India - "Kalianpur 1975 / India" and "Kalianpur 1975 / UTM 6 ̊"

Indonesia - "Indonesia 1974 UTM 6 ̊" and "DGN 1995 Indonesia TM3 ̊"

Iran - "ED50(ED77) / UTM 6 ̊"

Iraq - "Nahrwan 1967 / UTM 6 ̊" and "ED50 / Iraq National Grid" and "Karbala 1979 / UTM 6 ̊"

Israel - "Palestine 1923/Palest. Grid" and "Palestine 1923/Israeli CS Grid" and "Israel 1993/Israeli TM Grid"

Lebanon - "Deir ez Zor / Levant Ster." and "Deir ez Zor / Syria Lambert"

Mauritania - "Mauritania 1999 / UTM 6 ̊"

Morocco - "Merchich / Nord Maroc" and "Merchich / Sud Maroc"

Netherlands - "Amersfoort / RD New" and "Amersfoort / RD Old"

Palestine - "Palestine 1923/Palest. Grid" and "Palestine 1923/Israeli CS Grid" and "Israel 1993/Israeli TM Grid"

Philippines - "Luzon 1911 / Philippines" and "PRS92 / Philippines"

Romania - "Dealul Piscului 1930 / Stereo 33" and "Pulkovo 1942(58) / Stereo 70"

Russia - "Pulkovo 1942 / Gauss-Kruger 3 ̊"

Saudi Arabia - "Ain el Abd / UTM 6 ̊" and "Ain el Abd / Aramco Lambert"

Syria - "Deir ez Zor / Levant Ster." and "Deir ez Zor / Syria Lambert"

Turkey - "ITRF 96 - 3 ̊" and "ED 50 - 3 ̊" and "ITRF 96 - 6 ̊" and "ED 50 - 6 ̊"

United Arab Emirates - "Nahrwan 1967 / UTM"

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