Cowboy Go!

By Machbird Studio

Cowboy Go!Cowboy Go!Cowboy Go!Cowboy Go!

Cowboy Go! is a casual cowboy game! Use lasso to catch more animals , controll the crazy cowoboy in his advanture!

Ducks? Rabbits? Birds? monykeys? Cowboys are not vaquero or pet sitters in pink, they are going to catch cheetahs, lions,elephants, hippos, they are tring challenge lion king, unicorns ,dinosaurs, king kong, even dragons and monsters! Welcome to this fantasic wild west! PS. No Godzilla here, sorry.

Catch golden bulls and other golden animals to get bounty, buy yourself new horses,saddles, and cowboy hats!

Tired to ride horses? No problem! You can raid every thing you cought! Just need pay little love on it.

Fishing Games are old school. Play cowboy game now!

Be a Real cowboy! Enjoy your fantasic wild west life!

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