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CritDice - Dice RollerCritDice - Dice RollerCritDice - Dice RollerCritDice - Dice RollerCritDice - Dice Roller


CritDice is a fast and easy cube roller. CritDice can be utilized to roll cube for DD and heaps of different games. Here’s a short listing of what CritDice can do for you…

•Simple cube calculator helps many dice sorts, combinations of cube, and modifiers.

•Dice rolls are totaled and shown in a large popup, along with detailed outcomes of the individual dice rolled.

•Roll dice by tapping the ROLL button. The result might be instantly displayed - no waiting for 3D cube to finish animating.

•Dice formulas could be saved as favorites, allowing 1-tap rolling.

•Access a list of all previous cube outcomes, and faucet any result to re-roll.

•Customize cube sounds. For instance, a customized sound may be played when a 20 (critical hit) is rolled on a d20.

•Optional text-to-speech announcement of dice roll outcomes.

•Intuitive minimalistic user interface based mostly on Google Material Design tips.


CritDice provides a dice bag with assist for modifiers and the following dice types:










•dN (custom dice, N = any number)

•dF (Fate/Fudge)

Dice are input utilizing normal notation and the results are fully random. A cube curler should have the ability to deal with any combination of dice, and CritDice provides this functionality. Here are just a few dice roll examples that may be performed utilizing CritDice:

2d20 10

d12 3d6 8


d20 d12 4d6 4


The paid version of CritDice options a sophisticated cube bag supporting extra roll sorts:

•Custom dice (any number of sides may be specified)

•Fate/Fudge dice

•Keep highest or lowest

•Drop highest or lowest

•Automatically re-roll specified values, any variety of times or only once per die.

•Exploding, compounding, and penetrating dice

•Count total successes and optionally subtract failures


After rolling dice the outcomes might be immediately displayed in a large popup, enabling you and your fellow players to simply see the results. The outcomes can also be spoken by your device.

Special sound results can be configured for sure cube roll results, corresponding to when a crucial hit (20) is rolled on a d20. Dozens of sound effects are included to select from. You also can configure cube to make use of any further sound results you have downloaded.


Dice inputs could be saved as favorites and rolled with a single tap. Favorites can have any title and could be grouped by category - useful for if you end up enjoying several characters or want to maintain issues organized.


A record of previous dice roll outcomes is also provided, with the most recent outcome on the top of the record. Tapping an merchandise in the list will trigger it to be rolled again. Previous dice rolls may be transformed into favorites with a tap of a button.


CritDice is suitable with the cube techniques utilized in DD and many other games. Some of the appropriate video games are listed under:

•7th Sea

•13th Age

•All Flesh Must Be Eaten

•Anime: Beyond Fantasy

•Black Crusade

•Call of Cthulhu

•DD and ADD (all editions)

•Dark Heresy




•Iron Kingdoms


•Mutants Masterminds

•Only War


•Rifts (Palladium Games)

•Rogue Trader


•Warhammer 40k

CritDice can be used for a lot of board video games together with Backgammon, Monopoly, Yahtzee, Farkle, Craps, and so on.


Visit the CritDice website to learn extra about this cube roller app:


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