Cybershock : 2077 - TD Idle


Cybershock : 2077 - TD IdleCybershock : 2077 - TD IdleCybershock : 2077 - TD IdleCybershock : 2077 - TD IdleCybershock : 2077 - TD Idle

Cybershock : 2077 - TD Idle Merge - Age of Cyber

Hey, you there. Yes, it's you the man who's reading this. WE NEED YOU!

It's the year 2077, and Cyber York City is beneath attack! We must stop Red Emperor and his evil robotic armies by all prices. Join the Defense Force and lead our courageous cyber soldiers to strike again. Utilizing their distinctive skills is the important thing to win this battle.

After being attacked by the Red Painter Robot, the Cyber world is now like in Apocalypse age. Everything is ruined, punk and rubble. We - the Cybershock Defense Force - have solely little technology, and must rebuild the Towers, and Cities once more. The Red Emperor with Painters Bot Army isn't simple just like the Roosters who stole eggs from us before, they're more danger, and more Random like the dice in the cup. They are strong, and we want to overcome this problem at one of the best we can. Even when every thing is lost!

In Cybershock, as a outcome of all expertise is misplaced, we need to rebuild from the dust. Merge shade number towers by dragging ones of the identical kind and power on high of each other. Upgrade them to additional their energy, even unlock new particular attacks. You also can exit for a while, then come again and gather your battle rewards.

With each enemy Painter BOT defeated, you'll get a trophy box accommodates many useful items to reinforce your Cyberpunk military. You also can purchase them in store with Cyberium to make an invincible legion.

Fight by way of numerous areas with rising tension to guard our Cyber York metropolis from the evil hand of Red Emperor. Make him SHOCKED, make him DELETED!

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