Daikin E-data

By Daikin Europe N.V.

Daikin E-dataDaikin E-dataDaikin E-dataDaikin E-dataDaikin E-data

The Daikin E-data app contains an overview of all Daikin Europe N.V. products that are available in your country, in your own language. You can easily browse the products to find the engineering data you need. The Daikin E-data app disposes pictures, features, benefits and technical data of all Daikin Europe N.V. products. If this is not enough, you can easily find more information on the Daikin Europe N.V. extranet using the built-in links in the literature tab. If you do not have access to the extranet, please go to http://extranet.daikineurope.com/ to request access.

To browse the products, you can use swiping function or the search box. You don't need to know about all the products? No problem! You can store your favorite products in the 'My favorites' of the application, making it easier for you to find your most important product information.

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